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Penne Rigate bronze drawn Valle del Grano 500gr. 100% Sicilian durum wheat semolina pasta

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Penne Rigate n.130

100% Sicily Valle del Grano pasta is produced in the great Italian sun, according to the best Mediterranean tradition. A superb hold in cooking, a unique flavor, are the result obtained by strict control of the entire production process from wheat to pasta.

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  • Penne Rigate n.130

    Is the pasta par excellence, loved throughout Italy, they are versatile and perfect with any type of sauce: tomato, meat sauce, vegetables, but also with more spring versions such as cream, ham and peas or salmon and vodka. What if lunch is almost improvised? The penne will amaze even with a simple dressing of butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. Valle del Grano pasta was born in the heart of Sicily, in the fertile wheat valleys of the province of Enna which enjoys an ideal climate for growing a precious yellow-colored wheat.


    The strategic position of the Dittaino Valley, the only flat stretch between the provinces of Catania and Enna, has favored the cultivation of durum wheat since ancient Roman times. The production of wheat, raised in Roman times, is the basis of the definition of the Roman Republic's granary attributed several times to the valley, whose wheat was then transported by sea to reach Rome.


    The pasta is produced exclusively with fine varieties of Sicilian durum wheat enhanced by the ancient wisdom of the best Sicilian farmers. Ours is high quality, healthy, tough, high-protein durum wheat. In addition, the favorable climate of the area, which often exceeds 44 ° C in the summer, means that the content of mycotoxins (often present in the wheat and consequently in the pasta) is reduced to a minimum or, even, is zero in some annual collections . Sicilian wheat is unique in the world: delicious.


    The processing of the Valle del wheat pasta involves a long and slow process according to the best pastoral traditions. The pasta is treated by skilled hands, in each processing phase, to ensure precision and quality in the dough, in the drawing, in the drying and in the packaging. Each production phase tends to the final moment: the banquet, when the pasta arrives on the plate, when the smiles widen for pleasure and eating becomes a party.

    Ingredients: 100% Sicilian durum wheat semolina and water

    Cooking 12 minutes

    STORAGE METHOD Store the product in a cool, dry place, protected from light.

    500gr format.


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