La Boutique dei Sapori was born from the passion of three friends for Genuine and Tasty food. The idea comes to life during a carefree evening spent tasting typical Calabrian, Sicilian and Piedmontese products.

Little by little the idea of ​​creating an entrepreneurial project aimed not only at enhancing a specific geographical area but all the "ITALIAN EXCELLENCES", giving life to "La Boutique dei Sapori" - Typical Products of Excellence.

The long and in-depth research among the best Italian artisan companies together with a study of typical products, leads rigorously to choose exclusively high quality entrepreneurial realities, directly producers of DOP and IGP brand specialties.

The careful selection of each single product puts exclusively excellences of taste in the catalog that give absolute guarantee of authenticity, checking that the origin of each product is strictly territorial, if not down to KM ZERO.

With just one click in just 48 hours you can have on your table those flavors that you had forgotten or that you did not know and you can rediscover ancient culinary peasant traditions. Taste our delights and give the difference to your palate.

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